Helping revive Goa’s family farms

While we’ve been involved with trying to promote agriculture in different ways, one of our resolutions for 2011 was to actually work on helping urban folks who needed assistance in getting back to farming. And because you can go only so far with advice and suggestions, we decided to take the next logical step, which is to help directly in the management of a couple of farms in Goa.

You can download notes from our workshop on Reviving Goa’s Family Farms at the International Centre Goa on Jan 21st, 2012 by clicking HERE.

Fresh organic harvest from the Pinto Farm in Santacruz, Goa

Our serious work on both these farms began in October 2011, and is now beginning to deliver results. The first farm, which is in Taleigao belongs to Albertina Almeida and is the current home of Yogi Farms. This farm is managed by us with the assistance of our farm manager Maruti.

The other one, which is the ancestral farm of Jose and Christabel Pinto of Santacruz, is worked on by their team but overseen actively by us. This farm — which includes a coconut plantation and a paddy field — is now beginning to yield its first harvest in over a decade (see above). The vegetables are being grown in the paddy field on raised beds, using just vermicompost. The plantation is also being revived with pepper, turmeric and galangal being experimented on for now. Fruits, herbs and more inter-crops are also planned for planting in the monsoon season.


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