What are the important farm tasks?

For new urban farmers, it can be a little difficult to anticipate the kind of tasks that go into the managing of their farm. This makes it difficult to plan time and resources required and to ‘manage’ the tasks efficiently.

Its difficult to come up with a management tool that can predict this for different models of farms, resources and management styles. But here is a basic checklist we use, that can hopefully help you get a sense of what may be needed. (This represents how we allocate tasks for our 800 sq mt Taleigao Farm).

A. Pre-season tasks

Preparing a growing plan                                      Yourself
Planning the beds                                                   Yourself
Sourcing the seeds                                                 Yourself
Sourcing the inputs                                                 Yourself

B. Critical farm tasks

Preparing the soil/beds                                         Outsource
Planting the seed                                                    Outsource/Yourself
Caring for saplings                                                  Outsource/Yourself
Transplanting the saplings                                    Outsource/Yourself
Watering the crops                                                 Outsource
Weeding the beds                                                   Outsource/Yourself
Pest management                                                   Outsource/Yourself
Setting up shade nets                                             Outsource
Harvesting, processing, packaging                       Outsource/Yourself
Marketing/sales of produce                                  Yourself
Accounting and finances                                        Yourself
Overall managing labour                                       Yourself

C. Other support tasks (might not apply to you)

Documentation                                                        Yourself
Photography and videos                                        Yourself
Assorted research and visits                                 Yourself
Conducting workshops                                           Yourself
Managing guests                                                     Yourself
Making produce deliveries                                    Yourself


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