Farmer’s quandary – Prevention or Cure?

The “prevention is better than cure” philosophy of Organic farming seems to make so much sense — but clearly for many farmers it doesn’t. Hence the aversion to switching from their existing (urea+pesticide) approach even though its hurting them in many ways. While it seems to make sense to us theoretically and practically, it clearly doesn’t to millions of farmers in India.

The key problem is that Organic (or prevention oriented approaches) can’t match the amazing convenience of the current conventional practices, which are promoted heavily by the government agencies and in fact other farmers too. “Just spray DDT and be done with it“.

Prevention is management intensive, Prevention requires deep knowledge, Prevention isn’t a guarantee, you can’t immediately see the results of Prevention.

The alternative, Cure, is simple, comprehensive, convenient, monetisable, shows quick results and seems less risky. And its simpler for the Farmers and for the Agricultural Officers.

Let’s face it — given the same choice most of us choose the convenience of Cure too.


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