What to grow? Desi or exotic?

Much as we’d like to grow desi/heirloom varieties of veggies to preserve maintain the genetic diversity of Indian vegetables – the novelty of also growing exotic vegetables is irresistible. Thankfully tomatoes, broccoli, cabbages, lettuce, carrots and other crops aren’t the most comfortable in Goa’s climate, but can grow here.

Clearly we’ve been unable to overcome the temptation to experiment, and it works for us because it’s what our customers like too. Of course, it takes more effort to get things right and the chances of failure increase (like our tomato crop last year).

Trying to get the best of both worlds, we’ve decided that we should be Adventurous in the Winter (when a lot of exotics can succeed) and Conservative in the Summer, when the local vegetables and varieties clearly outperform.

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