Farms we Love: Sarvadaman Patel’s (Anand,Gujarat)

Probably one of the best managed large organic vegetable growing farms in India (and perhaps the world). And seeing his farm is what pushed us into growing vegetables ourselves. Their biodynamic farming practices may seem strange at first – but you can’t question the results. As the president of the Organic Farmers Association of India (OFAI), Mr. Patel clearly leads by example.

For anyone serious about learning to grow vegetables organically, his winter workshop (every December) is a must.

Read about it: The Disneyworld of Organic Farms

An incredible canvas of winter vegetables



Farms we Love: Nisha and Raghu’s (Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu)

From a farm abandoned due to salinity and earth compaction to a vibrant organic food forest with 40+ varieties of trees of upto 25 foot tall in just two-and-a-half years (in August 2011). And the fact that is done by a couple that were pretty new to agriculture makes it even more amazing. Seeing is truly believing.

Read all about how they do it at their website –

Inside the organic food forest – clearly not your typical farm

Why Bother?

The best answer we have to this question is another question.

Over the last two decades (and especially over the last ten years), our lifestyles in India have improved dramatically  in almost every area we consider important…

  • Our cars are better
  • Our homes are much fancier
  • Our clothes and electronics are better
  • Our infrastructure – roads, water electricity –  is better
  • We have better entertainment choices
  • Our markets are better, and most products too
  • Hospitals and doctors are better too
  • Our vacations are also getting better
  • Our communication technology is much better

SO WHY IS OUR MOST BASIC NECESSITY – FOOD – GETTING WORSE in every important qualitative parameter – freshness, taste and safety? And why aren’t more of us, much more worried about this?