Why Bother?

The best answer we have to this question is another question.

Over the last two decades (and especially over the last ten years), our lifestyles in India have improved dramatically  in almost every area we consider important…

  • Our cars are better
  • Our homes are much fancier
  • Our clothes and electronics are better
  • Our infrastructure – roads, water electricity –  is better
  • We have better entertainment choices
  • Our markets are better, and most products too
  • Hospitals and doctors are better too
  • Our vacations are also getting better
  • Our communication technology is much better

SO WHY IS OUR MOST BASIC NECESSITY – FOOD – GETTING WORSE in every important qualitative parameter – freshness, taste and safety? And why aren’t more of us, much more worried about this?

Where is Yogi Farms located?

Yogi Farms doesn’t really exist – in the sense that it’s not a permanent entity as farms usually are.

Actually it’s more of a goal set in our minds, and for now it exists as a travelling act in Goa. It began with a few pots in our apartment in 2007 and then moved with us to a tiny kitchen garden in 2009. This winter it has moved on again to an 800 sq. mt. field in Taleigao, Goa. It’s very likely that we’ll move to a larger 2,000 sq. mt. farm plot in less than a year from now.

You can find directions to our current location here.

Eventually, we do hope to settle down in one place – when we find it. But until that happens, we’ve discovered this allows for an extremely enjoyable and fulfilling journey in many surprising ways. Our hope has been to learn how to grow fresh, delicious, organic and healthy food — and to see if we can do this well enough to build a livelihood around it.

Our goal is to grow fresh and delicious food and to do this organically