Farm Coaching

We usually work with new farms (or existing ones) by informally sharing what we know and on occasion by formally coaching people who are in the process of setting up their own organic farms. In the latter case, we mentor them through the process of setting up their farms to grow vegetables and fruits organically.

How do we work? One small example.

For many people new to agriculture, setting up their own farm can be a daunting, confusing or frustrating prospect. For primarily urban folk like us – the process of growing food is far from intuitive and the absence of good support infrastructure for agriculture can quickly sap the enthusiasm. Fortunately we’ve had the benefit of good teachers and immense patience and assistance from many other much more experienced farmers – both in Goa and in other parts of the country.


Seasonal growing plan for a client farm

Our model for coaching usually involves designing the farm and also, guiding farm owners or farm managers during the setup phase with farm visits, creating the growing plan, farm process planning, assistance in the sourcing of inputs, training farm labour on organic methods, demonstrations and sharing of resources.

The duration of these engagements can vary from a single season to up to a couple of years – depending on the state of the farm in question.

We are only able to take up only limited projects of this nature every year. Contact us for more information.


One comment

  1. Unnati · May 13


    Looking for starting my own small garden, will be happy to join for coaching and design aspect. Keep me posted


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