From time to time, we conduct workshops on the management and marketing aspects of farming, with a view to helping farm owners either set up new farms or improve their existing ones.

These working sessions (eg. Reviving Family Farms), focus on increasing the sustainability of farms by helping them to evolve a new business model. More specifically it helps them improve their farming practices or to create a better management system for these farms.

Because there is also a wider interest among urban residents in growing their own food, we conduct regular workshops via our eco-cum-garden store in Taleigao – Green Essentials. These workshops, which featured over 2,500 participants over the last 4 years, cover various aspects of organic urban farming (or kitchen gardening) for beginners. This was one of the first workshops and here is another one we did (over 12 weeks) with young kids at Bookworm.

Usually hosted at the International Centre Goa at Dona Paula, these workshops  are meant to share our experiences with growing great food. They often feature subject experts like Miguel Braganza and others. We’ve also held workshops on other parts of Goa, especially at Margao…

Topics covered at past workshops include:

  • Growing Winter Vegetables Organically
  • Setting up a Summer Kitchen Garden
  • How to set up plant nurseries and germinate seeds
  • Reviving Goa’s family farms
  • Organic Kitchen Gardening in city & urban spaces

Green Essentials’ Public workshops are very affordable – usually priced at about Rs. 600 per participant (in Goa). We also conduct sponsored (Private) workshops for clients. Please contact us for details.



  1. Sufiya · January 7, 2017

    When and where is the next workshop on organic farming,


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